Our Mission

Brother and Sister Forever.

Brother and Sister Forever.

Josh’s Squad House (JSH) will provide a nurturing place where Bucks County Children can visit and feel free and comfortable expressing their own individuality without judgment or exclusion. A place where they can participate in a range of healthy activities and discussions which focus on self empowerment, acceptance and coping mechanisms to reconcile their own individual strengths and weaknesses.

The professionals at JSH hope to create an environment where children can celebrate and accept their uniqueness, can be supported emotionally and have an outlet to discuss their life struggles, hopes and dreams.

Our Story

The vision of Josh’s Squad House was developed following the tragic loss of our beautiful and talented fourteen year old son, brother, cousin and friend. Josh had a special gift in that he was able to surround himself around friends without judgement or expectation. He truly loved everyone and was able to share that love willingly and abundantly.

— Scott, Maria, & Kate Goldinger, Parents, Sister and Founders


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